In today’s world of digital streaming and 4K content, Apple has once again showcased its dominance with its TV 4K devices. However, with multiple generations available in the market, users often find themselves in a pickle: Should they opt for the 1st Gen or the 3rd Gen? Stick around as we dive deep into the world of Apple TV 4K 1st Gen vs. 3rd Gen, laying out all the details to make your decision easier.

Apple TV 4K 1st Gen vs. 3rd Gen

Apple TV 4K 1st Gen vs 3rd Gen: The Overview

Apple’s journey in developing its TV 4K lineup has been one of consistent innovation. However, what distinguishes the first generation from the third? Come on, let’s solve it!

Design and Build

The 1st Gen flaunted a sleek and modern design, setting a precedent for all Apple products. On the other hand, the 3rd Gen saw subtle changes, adopting a more streamlined look.

Remote Control Differences

Ah, the trusty remote! The 1st Gen introduced us to the touch-sensitive trackpad. Fast forward to the 3rd Gen, and we see the return of physical buttons with a touch of modern elegance.

Processor and Speed

Speed is everything. The 1st Gen was no slouch with its A10X Fusion chip. However, the 3rd Gen? It took things up a notch with a more powerful chip ensuring smoother operation.

Storage Options

With apps and content galore, storage matters. The 1st Gen offered ample space, but the 3rd Gen gave users even more options, accommodating those ever-growing media libraries.

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Software and Interface

Both generations boast the tvOS, but the 3rd Gen saw improvements and tweaks, resulting in a more user-friendly experience.

Audio and Sound Enhancements

The difference in sound quality between the two devices is stark. While the 1st Gen provided quality sound, the 3rd Gen came packed with Dolby Atmos support, taking soundscapes to new heights.

Connectivity Options

The world’s moving wireless, but sometimes, ports are essential. Both models support Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, but their port selections differ slightly, suiting varied needs.


Your wallet’s weight matters. The 1st Gen had an attractive launch price. But what about the 3rd Gen? We break down the cost, ensuring you get the best bang for your buck.

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Availability and Support

With technology moving so quickly, product support is crucial. How do both generations stack up regarding software updates and availability?

User Reviews and Experiences

Sometimes, the best insights come from the users themselves. We’ve collated reviews and experiences from actual users of both generations to give you the real lowdown.

Frequent Questions and Answers

  • What makes the third generation different from the first?
  • The 3rd Gen has better software, audio capabilities, and performance. However, the final call rests on individual preferences.
  • Can I upgrade my 1st Gen to have some features of the 3rd Gen?
  • Software-wise, many updates are available to both devices. However, hardware and physical features remain unique to each generation.
  • Is the 3rd Gen worth the extra cost?
  • It depends on your needs. For those seeking the latest features and best performance, the 3rd Gen may be worth the investment.
  • How different is the remote control for the 3rd Gen?
  • The 3rd Gen remote sees a return to physical buttons with some added functionalities. It blends the old and new, suiting varied user preferences.
  • Is there a difference in app compatibility between the two?
  • Both support a wide range of apps, thanks to tvOS. However, the 3rd Gen might see more exclusive app features or functionalities as time passes.
  • What about 8K support?
  • Currently, neither the 1st Gen nor the 3rd Gen supports 8K. Apple TV 4K devices, as the name suggests, are optimized for 4K streaming.
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In the Apple TV 4K 1st Gen vs. 3rd Gen battle, the victor truly depends on individual needs. Both devices boast impressive features, but the 3rd Gen edges out with more recent updates and functionalities. Regardless of your choice, Apple’s commitment to quality is evident in both products, promising a stellar viewing experience.

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